September NCLUG Meeting

I went to the NCLUG meeting today at the Eva Perry Library along with my son Travis and my nephew Grant. Joe Meno and I had discussed having a theme to each meeting as a possible idea to drive more participation. The theme this months was vehicles so everyone was supposed to bring some sort of a vehicle.
We had lots going on this weekend and I never got around to building anything new (a bad habit lately) so I dusted off a couple of things people hadn’t seen in a while. I took my monster truck versions of the Harry Potter Knight Bus and Flying Anglia. People always get a kick out of them.
NCLUG has really struggled to get an adult flair to it. The meeting was attended by a number of adolescents, some of whom are really good builders. In particular, a boy named Ian had some really clever stuff including a hand cranked pistol which shoots LEGO bullets. It was a riot to watch it work.
We discussed the upcoming State Fair where Joe and I have volunteered to judge the LEGO category. NCLUG will have a small display table at the fair, I need to get cracking if I am going to build something and have it done in time. I have wanted to rebuild my church, this may be the right venue for it.

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