More LEGO Christmas Ornaments

The December 2005 Shop at Home Catalog had a pretty cool sphere shapped LEGO ornament on it. Shortly afterwards there was a link on the LEGO web site (which I can no longer find) for instructions for the sphere. Fortunately I had saved them and have since uploaded them to BrickShelf.

My kids were interested in making some of these. Sophia and I made a red and green one first which matched the S@H cover. Renee and I also made a yellow and white one. Travis and Sophia and recently watched Monty Python and the Holy Grail and decided the yellow and white looked the Holy Hand Grenade and played with accordingly for a couple of days. We ended up giving both to my mom and dad as part of their Christmas present from the kids.

1x4 Brick with Studs on SideThese spheres are really heavy and use quite a few bricks. I need to load up on the 1×4 Brick with Studs on Side before I can make many more. I also found it odd that I had very few 2×6 Technic plates. Bricklink here I come!

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  1. agib says:

    Hopefully you will somehow see that I have left you a comment. Anyway, it is really a question. I was wondering if you have instructions for a multi-colored ball ornament. The instructions I have and you have are for one color. Could you please help me? Thanks! Amy

  2. Mike Walsh says:

    Hi –

    Unfortnately I do not have instructions for the multicolored ornament. I suspect I have the same instructions you have (which I downloaded them from but can’t find the link anymore). I simply added the striping while I was building the ornaments but substituting different colors. As I recall, it wasn’t hard and didn’t require changing the elements but I don’t have one handy to look at to verify it. Good luck!


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