Working with the LEGO Company

One of the other reasons I have been pretty quiet is that about a year ago, I, along with several other people, was providing LEGO (the company) some feedback on their train line. One of the outcomes of this engagement was LEGO inviting myself and about 10 others, to collaborate on the design of something they are referring to as the Hobby Train.

With the new train sets based on RC (bleh), the future of 9v rests on the success or failure of the Hobby Train. While much of the work I did is under NDA, I can say it has been an interesting experience. I really wish I could have documented the whole process but NDA prohibits me from doing so. Once the set is released (targeted for Spring 2007), some pictures of the early process should come to light. Over the next few weeks I will try and post about the various aspects of the project.

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