Recent Pick-a-Brick experience

I have mentioned before that I have had the opportunity to visit several of
the LEGO Stores and partake of their Pick-a-Brick offering. The last couple
times I have been to Chicago, they haven’t had anything which interested me
so I have walked out without buying anything.

Yesterday I was in New Jersey for work and and had a chance to visit the
LEGO Store at BridgeWater Commons. Conveniently, it is less than 10 minutes
from our NJ office. Much to my surprise, the Pick-a-Brick selection was
pretty good and even better, included a bunch of parts (mostly tiles) which
didn’t require packing to make them a good deal. So I picked up a cup full
($13.75) which included the following elements:

– clear 1×1 plates (oddly I don’t have many of these)
– yellow 1×1 round plates
– white 1×2 tiles
– new dark grey 1×2 tiles
– dark red 1×4 tiles
– yellow 2×2 tiles
– red arch 1 x 3 x 2 with curved top

There were some other interesting parts which I passed on (namely 1×3 lime
green bricks). I would say this was the best pick-a-brick selection I have
seen in a long time.


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  1. Isaac says:

    I made my first visit to a Lego store this past weekend while in Chicago. The pick a brick selection was limited, but I did fill a large cup with clear 1x2x2 panels. These things will be great for the new cafe corner style businesses that I plan on building.

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