Picked up 4918 the other day …

4918 Mini Flyers
While I was in Munich last week I picked up the 4918 Mini Flyers set. I really liked most of the X-pods, not so much for the parts but for the aspect that when I was traveling I would pick one up and putz around with it where ever I happened to be. At a $3-$4 price point, they were cheap enough and small enough that I ended up buying quite a few with them. I had not seen the 2007 sets yet other than on the web so I decided to pick up 4918. I usually keep a couple of the Xpods on my desk at work and fiddle with them when I am on a conference call or web meeting. I find they keep me from trying to multitask on my computer and odd as it may sound, engaged in the conversation on the phone.

I like the helicopter 4918 builds, it is the only thing I have built from the set so far but I do miss the Xpod form factor – I liked those round cases. The plastic box 4918 comes in is twice as big as it needs to be for the number of parts in it. It was also 5 Euros (about $6.25) so the price is ticking up in the wrong direction for small impulse purchases as well.Pic

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