Carelessness turns out ok …

If you are in the Chicago area or caught it on the news, you know the weather last night was not very good for anyone traveling.? A large thunderstorm closed O’Hare cancelling my flight home (along with thousands of other people).? I was sitting on the plane, with my LEGO purchase in the overhead bin, when my flight was canceled.? As you would expect, chaos ensued with just about everyone at O’Hare trying to rebook flights and find a place to sleep – it was 9:00 PM when my flight was canceled.

I was on the phone trying to rebook my flight and on my laptop trying to find a hotel and left my LEGO purchase in the overhead bin when I got off the plane.? After an hour or so I had a new flight home (well, sort of, as close to Raleigh as I could get was Greensboro), a hotel, and car in Greensboro.? As I was getting ready to leave O’Hare, I realized I was missing something – my LEGO purchase.? I knew the plane hadn’t left so as long as (a) they would let me back on it and (b) someone hadn’t taken it, I felt I might have a chance to get it back.? Much to my surprise, when I treked back down to the gate I found my yellow LEGO bag sitting on top of the ticket counter waiting to be claimed.? I was convinced I had lost it in my carelessness but it all worked out.

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