Trying to get organized

This past weekend I spent a fair amount of time working in my office to try and bring some sense of organization back to the LEGO room.? Ever since we moved it has been pretty disorganized but after the last NCLTC train show, it was really bad.? I have been walking around boxes and the modular hills for almost six months.? My son is showing an interest in Mindstorms so in an effort to make things easier for him, I am making a serious effort to get everything I have on the floor sorted and put away.? This is no small task but it needs to be done badly so I have decided to deconstruct a bunch of stuff I have used to go.? First to go were a couple of Moonbase modules.? I can’t see me using them again anytime soon (if ever) so there is no need to keep them assembled.? Next to go will be my monorail?tunnel modules which I built years ago and have run their course.

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