NCLUG / NCLTC Christmas Tree at Tinsel Town

A small group of us (Sabrina, Carin, Joe, and myself) from NCLUG and NCLTC have committed to decorate a Christmas tree at Tinsel Town which is located inside the Koka Booth Amphitheatre near Regency Park in Cary.? I found out about Tinsel Town last year when my daughter Renee was invited to a birthday party held at Tinsel Town.? It was too late to decorate a tree last year but this year I contacted them and they still had a few available.? After a quick e-mail out to the group gauging interest, we committed to build ornaments and decorate a tree.

I like building Christmas ornaments and have built a few for our own tree each of the last 4-5 years.? They also make nice Christmas gifts and I made some for my mom last year.? This year I, along with help from my children, made about 15 ornaments.? Some were original but most were not.? Sabrina, Carin, and Joe came through in flying colors, Sabrina in particular had some really neat ideas.

I have documented some of the ornaments and will post instructions for them shortly.? If you have a chance, go by and see the tree, it will be decorated until the end of December.

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