4837 Mini Trains

4837 Mini TrainsA few weeks ago when I was doing some digging around on 2008 Star Wars sets, I found the 4837 Mini Trains set on BrickSet.? I haven’t purchased much LEGO in the past year but I have a soft spot for these mini sets (I have posted about it before) and I buy them from time to time and keep them on my desk at work.? A train mini set?? Had to have that so with 2008 sets starting to appear at Toys-R-Us in the US, I stopped by last weekend to have a look.? Sure enough, they had two of them so I bought them both!? I sent one to my dad as part of his Christmas gift and kept the other.? It is a cool set (other then I stil think they are too expensive at $6.99) and would make a great Christmas ornament.? So far I have only build the primary model, it is sitting on my desk at work.

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