NCLUG / NCLTC Christmas Tree comes down

Last Friday I stopped by Tinsel Town to take down the last of the NCLUG/NCLTC Christmas Tree.? While it was fun to decorate the tree, it really took a lot of abuse.? Apparently some people feel that since the tree was decorated with LEGO ornaments and LEGO is a toy, it was ok for their children to play with it.? The train in particular took a lot of abuse.? Each time I stopped by to check on it, it was in some state of disassembly.

If we do a tree again next year I don’t think we’ll have the train, it is too tempting for little hands to play with and parents are unwilling to tell their children not to touch.? To be honest, I expected some level of deconstruction because of the accessabilty of the tree, but not the level it received.? Live and learn – it certainly was the best looking tree when it first went up!

Now to try and put all of the ornaments back together and get them to their respective oweners.? I have some and Carin Proctor has some.? We’ll get it straightened out at some point!

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  1. Dan says:

    I have some photos of the tree including the damage up on my blog now:

    I took my photos on December 31st – it was the only time I had available when Tinsel Town was actually open. I tried to show up a few other times, but they were in the habit of closing early when they thought they could get away with it.

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