Finally made it to a NCLUG meeting!

This past Sunday I finally made it an NCLUG meeting.? They usually happen once a month but not always so between skipping a few months and me being gone, it has probably been about 6 months since I’ve been to one.? It was nice to see some old faces and meet some new ones.? The crowd was fairly light but it was nice to see some familes there too.? I brought my son and nephew along with me, they had built some sort of desert war scene with a blown up tank.

I brought a Model Team 5561 Big Foot 4×4 with me.? I had built it years ago but it had taken a tumble off a shelf and I had put it in a plastic bag and set it aside to put it back together.? That was probably 5 years ago!? I got it about half of it back together while we sat there and chatted.? Now it is back on a shelf waiting for me to finish it.? I really like the Model Team sets – they are fun to build.

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