Modular Buildings – the first one

I have used a system of modular buildings for my sections of NCLTC layouts for years.? At one point I had built a city block scene as one big structure but it was fragile and really hard to transport.? It looked nice but it was more hassle than I wanted.? The fact that I dropped it bring it home after one show sealed its fate and led me to a new solution.

I really liked the look of different building facades so I decided to build a bunch of them which could be arranged differently with one caveat – they had to be built on a 16×16 or 16×32 baseplate.? I had some corner units and some interior units.? I reached a point where I could assemble a fairly large town area with my buildings.

Modular Building

Modular Building

This building was actually the first one I built and I really like how it came out but it never made it to a layout.? Why?? Because when I built it I made a big mistake.? The back of the building was one stud in from the edge of the baseplate so it wouldn’t sit back to back with another building.? There was a gap which was too noticable.? So it has been sitting on a shelf since I built it.? I thought about fixing it a number of times but never did it.

This building has a couple 2x2x3 tan corner slopes which I got from the LEGOLand California Model Shop.

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