School House circa 2001-2002

School House
School House

This is the first building I took apart today.? I built this school house in 2001 or 2002, I am not really sure.? This is actually the second incarnation of it.? It originally sat on a 16×32 baseplate but looked pretty much the same.? I remember when I built this that I was excited to build something with a grey roof.? It took me a while to collect the necessary pieces to build a reasonably sized grey roof.? I actually built this upside down – I built the roof first because I wasn’t sure how the roof would look and how big I could make it.? Once I had the roof done, I built the building under it.? I like the use of the train window glass and train windows – it gives it a slightly different look than most buildings have.

Building different colored roofs was something I tried to do and collecting some of the unusual colored slopes took a while.? I never liked seeing lots of red roofs so I was thrilled when black slopes became readily available.

This second version of the school house fit in with the NCLTC neighborhood standard which dictated two rows of tiles as a sidewalk along street facing edges.

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