October NCLUG Meeting

NCLUG has a meeting coming up on October 26th at the Cameron Village Library in Raleigh.  I am going to do my best to make this meeting – I had a good time at the last meeting.  I am not sure I will get anything "Spooky" done but am considering resurrecting my amusement park which has been shown at a few NCLTC layouts and once at LEGOPalooza.

This is the Merry-Go-Round I built, there is also a Ferris Wheel, a Spider, and set of swings.  All of the rides are motorized and driven from an RCX.  They can also be run from a 9v Speed Regulator.  You can see them all in this Amusement Park BrickShelf Gallery.

All of the rides work pretty well right now except for the Ferris Wheel.  Something happened to the gearing at one of the shows and I wasn’t able to fix it on site and the last time I worked on it, I couldn’t get it working either.  I’ll probably take a box of Technic parts with me to the meeting and see if I can make it go – should be a good activity.

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