Argh! Pirates

With the new 2009 Pirates out, there will be a Pirates display of some sort at LEGOPalooza.  I have dug out the island I built for the NCLUG Pirates of the Caribbean display we did at the Raleigh Grande Theater a few years ago, dusted it off, and put it back together.  I will likely bring this and a bunch of baseplates for water.  I don’t have any Pirate ships assembled right now and don’t expect I will for LEGOPalooza either.


This island is an adaptation of the 3739 Blacksmith Shop.  The shop itself is largely unchanged, I just made it look more like a tavern and added some surrounding material to it.  It’s Happy Hour!

There is a suggestion to build some modules following the new Forbidden Cove modular standard.  I am a big fan of standards but this one is a little odd in that using 6×10 plates doesn’t integrate well with standard 16×16, 16×32, or 32×32 basplates.   If the group go ahead and decides to do something using the standard then I’ll see if I can build something small to bring along.

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