LEGOPalooza Planning

Tonight my son and I took a quick baseplate inventory in preparation for LEGOPalooza which is in two weeks!!!  It amazes me how many different types of baseplates there are.  I must have three different types of runway plates just in green!

My piece of the layout looks like this:


It looks like I have enough baseplates of each type to completely cover my section of the layout.  It always looks so much better when it is all covered.

I didn’t do a complete inventory but I did count a few particular plates to get an idea of what I had.

  • Baseplate 32×32 Green:  83 – I probably have close to 100 as I have a bunch of them tied up in permanent structures.
  • Baseplate 32×32 Blue:  30 – I am not sure where I got them all from, I don’t recall buying this many!
  • Baseplate 32×32 Grey:  1 – I thought this was odd.  I have a bunch of 16×32 grey baseplates but only one 32×32 grey baseplate.  Lots of roadplates though!
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