LEGOPalooza was Crazy Busy

My scheduled worked out and I was able to be at Morehead when the doors opened yesterday and the flood of people was overwhelming.  It was packed, so packed it was difficult to move around.

The train layout looks great, we had a bit of trouble getting the outer loop to run (it is really long) but everything worked for the most part.  The room is very crowded so there isn’t a lot of buffer space between the crowd and the layout which means lots of hands in it.  For some reason people feel the need to touch something (it is LEGO) but are then surprised when a train derails!  Oh well, it is part of the fun of exhibiting.

I’ll post some pictures later today.  The event has outgrown the space at Morehead.  If it happens next year (there seems to be some contention about this with the Planetarium, I am not sure why), we’ll either need the whole room (there is a section blocked off for some reason) or need to limit exhibits.  As it is now, it is hard to move around the room, particularly around the west end of the train layout.

Hopefully today I will have a chance to look at the other exhibits, I didn’t even try yesterday with the crowd.

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