LEGO Flex Track

8867 It has been rumored for a while but it looks like it is a reality now.  Some images have popped up on a Czech LEGO web site of the new flex track.  LEGO set 8867 includes 64 flexible elements.  Looks interesting.  I may have to invest in some Power Function elements!  With this new track and the 10194 Emerald Night steam engine, 2009 is looking like a pretty good year for train fans.

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  1. Steve says:


    Very nice blog you have there… I happen to have a similar LEGO blog too ( and was wondering if you would like to coordinate a link exchange. If you do, please contact me at

    Brick Wars Blogger

  2. Jon says:

    Since it appears that you don’t have a box of these yet, let me tell you now that there are enough in a single box to do a full circle of track, which is kind of nice.

    I have incorporated these pieces in with 9V track without any issues, but I have not tried to incorporate them with the even older 4.5V blue tracks from the 70’s. I may try that tonight to see how it goes.

  3. rbininger says:

    Mr. Walsh, some content of your Web site has been hijacked by another blogger and passed off as his own/has no attribution.

    I noticed this thanks to a pingback in my own site from content this blogger stole from me.

    Please see here:

    10 of my posts, and 10 of your posts were stolen. I will not post the URL because I don’t want to send the scumbag the traffic, but you will see it in the screenshots on my blog.

    I apologize for posting this as a comment to an unrelated news item, but I do not see any other method for contacting you on your site.

  4. Mike Walsh says:

    Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I didn’t even notice but it is nice to see that the offending web site seems to have stopped doing it.

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