Vestas Display at Arlanda Airport

Back in July of 2008 there was a lengthy thread on LUGNET about the 4999 Vestas Wind Turbine promotional set.  The thread was largely an appeal to release this set as a retail item.  The set was made of “unobtainium” as it was a promotional item made for Vestas and their customers.  It was rumored that a few were “obtained” from the LEGO Factory in the Czech Republic and they appeared on eBay for silly prices.  It would have been nice to have one but I didn’t give it a lot of thought.

Last week I was in Stockholm for work and catching a late evening SAS flight from Arlanda to London.  Imagine my surprise when I stumbled up a sizeable LEGO Vestas exhibit in the terminal.



There were six enclosed displays each depicting a large turbine plus a play area which featured a huge turbine constructed of LEGO plus a large minifig.  Each of the displays depicted a Vestas turbine in their typical mode of transport and ultimate installation.

This was a very cool display, some of it done in Minfig scale, some of it done in Miniland scale.


If you find yourself in Sweden at the Arlanda airport, check it out!  It is in the SAS International terminal.

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