WITC display for January – Arrrggh! Pirates

I was asked if I could put something together on short notice for the Window into the Community (aka WITC) for the Raleigh LEGO Store.  I have a lot of the things I use for NCLTC layouts in boxes in my basement but several of them that I’d like to use (e.g. my church or amusement park) aren’t well suited to the WITC window because they are too deep or too wide.

So I thought about it and decided I could do a small Pirate display on short notice and it would be fun.  I have a small island I had a built a while back which is an adaptation of the Blacksmith’s Shop which I turned into an island tavern with a dock and lots of pirates having a good time.


I reused the elevated platform I had under last months display to clear the cardboard frame that goes on the outside of the window.  Having trains under a Pirate water scene doesn’t make any sense so instead of trains, I put the NCLUG sign I built years ago to match the NCLUG logo.  It is set back so that it is completely visible.  I had planned to put it right up front against the window but when I did, the “G” was covered.  Setting it back into the display actually looks pretty cool, gives people a reason to peek under the sea!  If I was really clever I’d have a ship wreck down there.  Maybe next time!

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