LEGO Exhibit at 2010 NC State Fair

NCLUG will have a small exhibit on display as part of the LEGO area in the Hobbies and Crafts building at the 2010 NC State Fair. For the past several years I have judged the LEGO competition (which is not open to adults) and we’ve asked about getting an Adult category. This year we have an opportunity to exhibit which is the first step in getting an adult category established.

I am coordinating this exhibit via NCLUG. Yesterday Joe Meno and I met with the woman who runs the Hobbies and Crafts building to see what sort of space we’d have available. It is a long skinny space so we’ve decided to do a row of Cafe Corner style MOCs. We’re hoping to have 8-10 of them from various members on display.

More details to come later. The actual exhibit will be on display for the duration of the Fair, October 15-24.

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  1. Jennifer says:

    My name is Jennifer and I wanted to see if their is more information on the legos display competition at the NC State Fair, last year my son expressed an interest in creating something to display at the state fair this year. Can you get me more information? Registration, ages,cost, etc. My son really enjoys legos and would love to create something to display.
    any information would be helpful, thank You

  2. Mike Walsh says:

    You need to get a State Fair Premium Guide which you can request from the State Fair web site. I think most of it is online now too so you can register your son for the appropriate age group and category. There is no cost to register and submit an entry. Visit this link to learn how to enter the competition.

  3. Jane says:

    Do you know what Category the Lego competition would be under? Hobbies?

  4. Mike Walsh says:

    Yes, it is in the Hobbies and Crafts section on the bottom of page 312 of the State Fair Premium Guide. You can also find it on Page 6 of the State Fair Premium Guide Section EE PDF.

  5. Julie Johnson says:

    wanted to know if the state fair will have an area where the kids can building with the last year (2009)..??? where will they be at??


  6. Mike Walsh says:

    No, not this year. The building event at the Fair was actually part of a LEGO road show and not a regular Fair activity, unfortunately.

  7. Dan Brown says:

    Hi Little Yellow Brick and Lego fans,
    I created a petition to get Lego to reissue the Cafe Corner set, so people can buy it at a reasonable price again! There are about 90 days left to sign it. The petition is located at:

    Please take the time to sign it! Thanks!

  8. Dan Brown says:

    Whoops, not Little Yellow Brick, sorry about that Mike! But sign the petition anyway! 😉

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