The Big Purge Begins …

I have previously mentioned my plan to downsize my LEGO collection. As any serious LEGO enthusiast knows, dis-assembling, sorting, rebuilding sets, is a time consuming task and each time I start working on it, I make a little bit of progress and then leave it for another day. Well, over the the 4th of July Holiday weekend I finally made some significant progress.

This past weekend I broke down roughly 60-70 sets and got them back to 100% complete (for the most part, there were a few things I couldnít find). Before I list them on BrickLink I wanted to offer first crack at them to the NCLUG community and anyone who happens to run across my LEGO blog.

I will continue to add sets to the list as I re-assemble more and make some hard decisions on what I am keeping (not much) and what I am letting go. I am guessing this list represents about 60% of what I have in set form. There are only a couple of Train sets on it and I have quite a few of those yet to go through.

If you see something on this list, feel free to make me an offer.

Some answers to questions I am sure people have:

  1. Are the sets complete? Yes, for the most part. In a few cases I was unable to find a part or two or couldnít find one of the minifigs. I have tried to note it on the list when it is missing pieces.
  2. Are the sets in good condition? Yes, for the most part. Some of these are pretty old but I kept them in good condition. A few have noticeable discoloration of while elements. I have tried to note where the sets have discoloration on the list.
  3. Are you flexible on prices? Absolutely. The more you buy, the more flexible I am!
  4. Can I come look at them? Sure if you’re local to Raleigh, North Carolina or happen to be in the area for some reason, contact me directly to make arrangements to come browse.
  5. Do you want to trade for anything? There really isnít much I am looking for, my goal is to downsize my collection by about 90%. However, I am in the market for a Canon 16-35 or 17-40 lens so if you have one you want to trade, I am willing to barter.
  6. Payment? My preference is Cash (in person) but I am more than happy to take a Credit Card using Square on my iPad (also in person). I accept PayPal for any transaction which requires shipping.
  7. Do I plan to sell parts? Absolutely. Before I start selling parts I need to get through all of the sets first. I need to make sure the ones I want to keep and/or sell are as close to complete as possible. Once I do that I will begin selling parts. I have lots and lots of parts to sell. Many of them are still brand new from when I was actively running a BrickLink store but never got them listed for one reason or another.
  8. Will you break up the Star Wars mini-collection (4484, 4485, 4486, 4487)? Nope, you need to buy all four so you get all of the parts to build the Tie Fighter that is made from a few parts that came with each of the four sets.
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