Some of my remaining LEGO Trains

As part of my big purge I also decided to part with some of the LEGO Trains I have which are still in boxes, some of which have never been opened or still have their inner bags sealed.  I don’t want to sell everything but I really don’t need 10 copies of the 4536 Blue Hopper either (although it is one of my favorite train sets and at one point I did own 10 copies of it).

Periodically I get a query on the condition of a particular set.  I recently had a serious collector looking for a pristine copy of the Limited Edition 10020 Santa Fe Super Chief and I had one listed on BrickLink.  In the end, the buyer decided that the creases in the box I had for sale were a concern and decided not to buy it but asked what else I  had still in boxes.  So while taking pictures of the Super Chief box, I decided to take pictures of everything I have in boxes.  If any of these are of interest, feel free to check out my BrickLink store to see if I have them listed.  If I don’t, you’re welcome to contact me to see about availability.

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