CTB-3115 Christmas Engine

CTB-3115 Christmas Engine

The CTB-3115 Christmas Engine is a small steam engine modeled after CTB-3105 and a famous engine from a series of children’s books.

This model uses a number of pieces which may be hard to find, notably the red train chassis plate and red 1×1 and 1×2 (two each) classic windows. While these elements may not be readily available, you may be able to find them on BrickLink. The red 1×1 windows appeared in 20 sets, the red 1×2 window in 11 sets, and the red 6×16 wagon plate in three sets.


CTB-3115 Christmas Engine (977 downloads)
CTB-3115 Christmas Engine (888 downloads)

Printed and bound instructions for CTB-3115 are available for purchase on Bricklink.

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