Everything Must Go

I am in the process of doing a big purge. Below is a list of things I am looking to unload. If you’re interested in any of them, feel free to contact me.

Set Number,Set Name,Theme,Year,Box,Instructions,Bricklink ASP Last 6 Months,My Price,Notes,Holding For
375,Yellow Castle,Castle,1978,No,Yes,120,$81.00,”Missing about half the minifgs, the Castle itself is complete.”,
540,Swiss Villa,LEGOLand,1973,Yes,Yes,$51.00,$34.43,,
704,Master Discovery Set,Samsonite,1966,Yes,Yes,N/A,$200.00,Inventory uncertain on very old set,
1252,Shell Tanker,Town,1999,No,Yes,$10.00,$6.75,,
1562,Wave Jumper,Town,1990,No,Yes,$2.00,$1.35,,
1720,Cactus Canyon Value Pack,Town,1994,No,Yes,N/A,$15.00,,
1721,Sandy Point Marina Value Pack,Town,1994,No,Yes,N/A,$10.00,Boat Only! Set 1792 Pleasure Cruiser,
1721,Sandy Point Marina Value Pack,Town,1994,No,Yes,N/A,$25.00,”Comprised of sets 1790, 1791, 1792″,
1775,Jet,Town,1994,Yes,Yes,$75.00,$50.63,”Missing Blue Minifig, some white parts are yellowed”,
1815,Paradisa Lifeguard,Town,1996,No,Yes,$32.00,$21.60,,
1821,Rally Racers,Town,1996,No,Yes,$15.00,$10.13,Missing roadplate,
1990,F1 Race Car,Town,1993,No,Yes,N/A,$25.00,,
2126,Train Cars,Train,1997,No,Yes,$84.00,$56.70,,Cyndi Bradham
2536,Divers Jet Ski,Town,1998,No,Yes,$3.00,$2.03,,
2537,Extreme Team Raft,Town,1998,No,Yes,$2.50,$1.69,,
3535,Skateboard Street Park,Sports,2003,Yes,Yes,$18.00,$12.15,Missing Red Skateboard,
3540,Puck Passer,Sports,2003,Yes,Yes,$2.50,$1.69,,
3731,Pumpkin Pack,Holiday,2000,No,Yes,$12.00,$8.10,,
3731,Pumpkin Pack,Holiday,2000,No,Yes,$12.00,$8.10,,
4011,Cabin Cruiser,Boat,1991,Yes,Yes,$17.00,$11.48,,Cyndi Bradham
4027,Build and Imagine,Creator,2003,Yes,Yes,N/A,$5.00,NISB,
4308,Racing Car,Racers,2004,No,Yes,$3.50,$2.36,,
4337,Dragon Pod,X-Pod,2005,Yes,Yes,$5.00,$3.38,,
4338,Monster Pod,X-Pod,2005,Yes,Yes,$8.00,$5.40,,
4415,Auto Pod,X-Pod,2006,Yes,Yes,$4.00,$2.70,,
4417,Aero Pod,X-Pod,2006,Yes,Yes,$3.00,$2.03,,
4418,Dino Pod,X-Pod,2006,Yes,Yes,$7.50,$5.06,,
4484,X-wing Fighter & TIE Advanced – Mini,Star Wars,2003,No,Yes,$8.50,$5.74,Missing 1x 1×2 White decorated tile (4484 + 4485 + 4486 + 4487 + Tie model),
4485,Sebulba’s Podracer & Anakin’s Podracer – Mini,Star Wars,2003,No,Yes,$6.50,$4.39,(4484 + 4485 + 4486 + 4487 + Tie model),
4486,AT-ST & Snowspeeder – Mini,Star Wars,2003,No,Yes,$11.75,$7.93,(4484 + 4485 + 4486 + 4487 + Tie model),
4487,Jedi Starfighter & Slave I – Mini,Star Wars,2003,No,Yes,$8.50,$5.74,Missing 1x 1×1 Dark Blue headlight brick (4484 + 4485 + 4486 + 4487 + Tie model),
4531,Manual Points,Train,1991,Yes,Yes,$60.00,$40.50,NISB,
4531,Manual Points,Train,1991,Yes,Yes,$60.00,$40.50,NISB,
4531,Manual Points,Train,1991,Yes,Yes,$60.00,$40.50,NISB,
4531,Manual Points,Train,1991,Yes,Yes,$60.00,$40.50,NISB,
4531,Manual Points,Train,1991,Yes,Yes,$60.00,$40.50,NISB,
4593,Zero Hurricane and Red Blizzard,Racers,2002,No,Yes,$4.00,$2.70,,
4838,Mini Vehicles,Creator,2008,Yes,Yes,$6.00,$4.05,,
4920,Rapid Rider,Rock Raiders,1999,No,Yes,$3.75,$2.53,,
5533,Red Fury,Model Team,1999,No,Yes,$32.00,$21.60,,
5561,Big Foot 4×4,Model Team,1997,Yes,Yes,$110.00,$74.25,,
5934,Dino Explorer,Adventurers,2000,No,Yes,$15.00,$10.13,,
6024,Bandit Ambush,Castle,1996,No,Yes,$20.00,$13.50,,
6125,Sea Sprint 9,Aquazone,1995,No,Yes,$3.00,$2.03,,
6331,Patriot Jet,Town,1996,No,Yes,$19.00,$12.83,Missing Cart,
6335,Indy Transport,Town,1996,No,Yes,$39.50,$26.66,,
6336,Launch Response Unit,Town,1995,No,Yes,$9.00,$6.08,,
6340,Hook & Ladder,Town,1994,No,Yes,$15.50,$10.46,,
6341,Gas N’ Go Flyer,Town,1994,Yes,Yes,$10.75,$7.26,,
6346,Shuttle Launching Crew,Town,1992,Yes,Yes,$29.00,$19.58,,
6375,Trans Air Carrier,Town,1990,No,Yes,$24.50,$16.54,”Missing 2 Jet Engines, some discoloration of white parts”,
6375,Exxon Gas Station,Town,1980,No,Yes,$125.75,$84.88,Needs to be checked for completeness.,
6393,Big Rig Truck Stop,Town,1987,No,Yes,$178.25,$120.32,Needs to be checked for completeness.,
6394,Metro Park & Service Tower,Town,1988,Yes,Yes,$125.00,$84.38,,
6411,Sand Dollar Cafe,Town,1992,No,Yes,$41.25,$27.84,”Missing Windsurfer (board, sail, bars)”,
6444,Outback Airstrip,Town,1997,No,Yes,$36.50,$24.64,Plane Only,
6444,Outback Airstrip,Town,1997,No,Yes,$36.50,$24.64,Plane Only!,
6514,Trail Ranger,Town,1994,No,Yes,$4.00,$2.70,,
6514,Trail Ranger,Town,1994,No,Yes,$4.00,$2.70,,
6517,Water Jet,Town,1996,No,Yes,$2.50,$1.69,,
6518,Baja Buggy,Town,1996,Yes,Yes,$2.75,$1.86,,
6525,Blaze Commander,Town,1995,No,Yes,$3.00,$2.03,”Substitutions: 2x 1×1 trans blue plates for tiles, plain torso for fireman, gray antenna for dark gray antenna”,
6531,Flame Chaser,Town,1991,No,Yes,$4.50,$3.04,,
6531,Flame Chaser,Town,1991,No,Yes,$4.50,$3.04,,
6536,Aero Hawk,Town,1993,Yes,Yes,$5.00,$3.38,,
6537,Hydro Racer,Town,1994,No,Yes,$2.00,$1.35,,
6537,Hydro Racer,Town,1994,No,Yes,$2.00,$1.35,,
6538,Rebel Roadster,Town,1994,No,Yes,$5.50,$3.71,,
6550,Outback Racer,Town,1997,No,Yes,$4.00,$2.70,,
6561,Hot Rod Club,Town,1994,No,Yes,$26.00,$17.55,”Missing Black Motorcycle, Red Hand Truck, Blue Jack”,
6581,Dig ‘N’ Dump,Town,1996,No,Yes,$11.50,$7.76,”Substition 4x 2×10 yellow plates for 2x 4×10 plates, Plain Blue Torso”,
6581,Dig ‘N’ Dump,Town,1996,Yes,Yes,$11.50,$7.76,,
6593,Blaze Battler,Town,1991,No,Yes,$12.25,$8.27,,
6596,Wave Master,Town,1995,No,Yes,$12.25,$8.27,,
6596,Wave Master,Town,1995,No,Yes,$12.25,$8.27,,
6614,Launc Evac 1,Town,1995,No,Yes,$8.50,$5.74,”Missing Gray Fireman, Fire Helmet, 1×1 Trans Blue Tile”,
6615,Eagle Stunt Flyer,Town,1996,Yes,Yes,$8.00,$5.40,,
6646,Screaming Patriot,Town,1996,No,Yes,$5.00,$3.38,,
6675,Road & Trail 4×4,Town,1988,No,Yes,$6.75,$4.56,,
6966,Jedi Starfighter – Mini,Star Wars,2005,No,Yes,$9.00,$6.08,,
7032,Police 4WD and Undercover Van,Town,2003,No,Yes,$18.50,$12.49,Missing 1 Minifig,
7143,Jedi Starfighter,Star Wars,2002,No,Yes,$21.50,$14.51,,
7311,Red Planet Cruiser,Life on Mars,2001,No,Yes,$4.00,$2.70,,
7635,4WD with Horse Trailer,Town,2009,No,Yes,$18.00,$12.15,Missing 1x1x2/3 Black Slope,
7737,Coast Guard 4WD & Jet Scooter,Town,2008,No,Yes,$9.25,$6.24,,
7890,Ambulance,Town,2006,No,Yes,$14.00,$9.45,”Missing “”Equipment Assembly”” on Page 3″,
7891,Airport Firetruck,Town,2006,No,Yes,$19.75,$13.33,,
7990,Cement Mixer,Town,2007,No,Yes,$21.75,$14.68,,
8420,Street Bike,Technic,2005,Yes,Yes,$82.00,$55.35,,
10124,Wright Flyer,Model Team,2003,No,Yes,$185.00,$124.88,,
10152,Maersk Sealand Container Ship 2004 Edition,Sculptures,2004,No,Yes,$148.00,$99.90,,
30008,Snow Man,Holiday,2009,No,Yes,$3.50,$2.36,,
30071,Army Jeep,Toy Story,2010,No,Yes,$3.75,$2.53,,
880002,World Cup Starter Edition – UK Version,Sports,1998,Yes,Yes,N/A,$5.00,NISB,
4212852,LEGO Stores Easter Opening Egg for 2004 – Blue,Holiday,2004,No,Yes,N/A,$75.00,,
4613985,Build a Bullseye Target Gift Card Promotional,Holiday,2010,Yes,Yes,$3.25,$2.19,,
4613985,Build a Bullseye Target Gift Card Promotional,Holiday,2010,Yes,No,$3.25,$2.19,,
Duck75,75th Anniversary Duck on Wheels,LEGO Brand Store,2007,No,No,$10.75,$7.26,,

7 Responses to Everything Must Go

  1. Sherman Wong says:


    I ‘ve looked through the 5561 Big Foot 44 Model Team and 6394 Metro Park & Service Tower from your list. I know both are used and I was wondering how much do each of them cost? Also, do you ship to Canada? Thanks!

  2. Mike Walsh says:

    Yes, I will ship to Canada. For non-local (Raleigh, NC) sales I’d prefer to handle them through my BrickLink store. If the item you’re interested in isn’t on BrickLink let me know me know and I’ll list it. Some of the things on my list I never listed on BrickLink. The 5561 is still available but I sold the Metro Park and Sevice Tower.

  3. Drew Davis says:

    It says your brick link store is closed. Did you sell all your sets?

  4. Drew Davis says:

    Your brick link store closed. Did you sell all your sets?

  5. Mike Walsh says:

    No, I had a death in my family so I closed it for a while. It is back open now.

  6. Kin says:

    Hi there, is 5561 still available? How much?

  7. Mike Walsh says:

    Sorry, just seeing this now. I no longer have a 5561 for sale. Everything I have left is in my CTB BrickLink shop. While I don’t have any 5561 sets, I do have several copies of the instructions available.

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