CTB-1115 Mail Car

With the re-release of the Metroliner as a LEGO Legend it is now a little easier to build additional cars for this classic train. Parts are readily available again and the CTB-1115 Mail Car is the first in a series of Metroliner add-on cars.

This model uses a number of pieces which may be hard to find, notably the light grey panel doors and black 2×6 slopes. While these elements may not be readily available, you may be able to find them on BrickLink. The grey doors appeared in one sets and the black slopes in seven sets. The grey doors from the Metroliner Legend release can also be used with the stickers applied.


CTB-1115 Mail Car (960 downloads)
CTB-1115 Mail Car (914 downloads)

A printed and bound version of these instructions is available for purchase on Bricklink.

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