Hurricane Katrina Toy Drive

The LUGNET community (well, really Anthony Sava and Bruce Heitbrink) organized Toy Drive to help the vicitims of Hurricane Katrina. After reading the posting I thought “what a great idea, I should do something!”. Like many LEGO enthusiasts, I am sitting on a collection of older sets, most picked up on clearance at Wal-Mart, Target or K-Mart. My daughter Sophia is in her third year of Indian Princesses and the focus this year is Community Service. This looked like a great opportunity for her and I to work on one of our projects.

Since our move to a new house, all my boxed LEGO is currentlty in storage about 5 miles from home so I couldn’t just run out to the garage or down to the basement to put a box together – we needed to plan a trip to the storage unit! Well, we got busy and had lots of family stuff going on and Sophia and I kept putting off our packing trip. The next thing I knew Anthony Sava posted a note saying the deadline for donations had arrived. I felt pretty bad, I committed to donate and didn’t follow up on it. A short time later Anthony posted a report of his efforts to donate the LEGO he had received. I was thrilled to see him offer to do it again and vowed not to drop the ball a second time.

I didn’t have much time to get a box together before having to go put of town for my sister’s wedding and Sophia had several days of standardized testing, so I went ahead and put together a box without her help. I really have too much LEGO stuff – it didn’t take me long to fill a large cardboard box with a variety of sets from the last 4-5 years. I hope they reach some children who will enjoy them.

I think what Anthony Sava has done is commendable. He really has gone the extra mile to help people who are in pretty dire straights.

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