Donating LEGO to Turner Elementary School

A few weeks ago I was contacted by my son Travis’ former 3rd grade teacher looking for some assistance in locating LEGO elements at a reasonable cost. She had known about my LEGO hobby from when Travis was in her class and had come to see one of the NCLTC layouts one year. She has since switched schools and is now teaching the AG (Academically Gifted and Talented) program at Turner Creek Elementary School in Apex, NC. She is going to have her students work on a project where they will build a LEGO bridge. It is an interesting project as the color of the bricks are assigned a price so in addition to building a strong bridge, the kids have to be aware of the “cost” of their bridge.
I still have lots of unsorted LEGO in my basement which I doubt I’ll ever use so I decided to help her out by giving her a big tub of stuff. So I finally pulled togehter a bunch of stuff and gave it to her last night. Needless to say, she was thrilled and the kids will begin their project in about a week or two. Her is the project description. I have given her some feedback on the project – the time in particular is a little agressive. :-) I am sure it will be tweaked again based on the elements I gave her. Hopefully I will get to see the bridges the class builds.

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