AFOL A Blocumentary

While I dislike (despise?) the term AFOL, this video (direct link here) is very well done and worth 25-30 minutes of your time to watch.

AFOL A Blocumentary from AFOL on Vimeo.

What is it about the term AFOL (Adult Fan of LEGO) that I don’t like? It is hard to put it into words but it is the word “Fan” that I don’t care for.

I am not a “fan” of LEGO but I enjoy creating things out of LEGO and I enjoy the LEGO hobby. I refer to myself as a hobbyist or enthusiast but never as a fan. In fact, there is a lot of things about LEGO that I am probably not a fan of (e.g. the lack of product offering in the $5 – $20 range, the inability to buy train cars individually, etc.). Despite my feelings about the term “AFOL”, it isn’t going to go away and the video is well done.

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  2. Lego Models says:

    I have to fully agree with you on the “fan” statement. When i think of a fan I think of a person on the sidelines watching the game & sporting their favorite teams colors / shirt / cap / foam hand / etc.. cheering them on for a win.

    In reality I would like to think of myself & other builders / artists as team players, on the inside looking out, hands on build time, & most importantly, extending the Lego names future through its builders of all ages, one block at a time.

    Thanks for the video, I found it moving (in the right direction) 🙂

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