Going through my LEGO vault

A while back I mentioned on the NCLUG mailing list that we were doing some renovation work on our house and when it was complete, I would moving my office and LEGO room out of the basement up to what used to be a bedroom.  When the time came, I mentioned I plan to go through many of the boxes I have piled up and determine what I should keep and what I should part with.

I started the process today.  Yikes I have a lot of stuff that I had forgotten about.  Some real treasures too!

[flickr-gallery mode=”photoset” photoset=”72157624877483260″]

  • Lots of Service Packs.  I must have several hundred of them.
  • Some old 9V train sets
  • Some old 12V train sets
  • Airline Promos
  • Telecom Promos
  • 15 year old Impulse Buy Town sets
  • Old Town Sets

When we moved 5 years ago I sold a lot of my excess but held on to most of the “Promo” or “Hard to Find” items I had obtained over the years.  Check out this Flickr Gallery to see what sort of things I have.  For the most part, most of what appears in this gallery is available.  I’ll probably keep one copy of each Promo set but the rest of them I will part with.  Contact me directly if you see something you want.

Updated:  9/4/2010

Here is a list of the Service Packs that I have (hopefully no typos):

1627, 3444, 3928, 4444, 4451, 4459, 5011, 5030, 5034, 5119, 5120, 5120, 5125, 5147, 5149, 5164, 5168, 5185, 5186, 5187, 5188, 5190, 5194, 5196, 5227, 5393, 5398, 5415, 5873, 10090

You should be able to find most, if not all, of these on BrickSet. For example, here is the query for 5187.

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