LEGO Train Poster

In the course of cleaning up this weekend I found a few copies of the famous LEGO Train Poster.  I had a number of these printed in various sizes and we used them on the NCLTC public displays.  I have no idea if it was ever updated after this version, I don’t believe so.


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  1. Jen R says:

    Hi! We just found this page and love the poster – do you still have any spare copies of it and if so are they for sale? Just wondering (we are not collectors but we know our nephew would absolutely love it and it’s his birthday coming up) … We’ll look forward to hearing from you anyway. All the best, Jen

  2. Mike Walsh says:

    It was not my poster to sell. Somewhere I probably have the original graphic file which I printed at work. You could download the graphic and have it printed yourself at Kinko’s or some other similar location that does large format printing. That would be the easiest way to get a copy. You just need to make sure you start with a high resolution version.

  3. Ray Sales says:

    My son loves your poster. He likes the cargo trains the best. How do I download your graphic file? So he can appreciate the history of older trains from lego’s past models. Do you plan to update your file to the latest train models?
    Thanks. Ray.

  4. Mike Walsh says:

    I didn’t generate the poster, it was done by someone in Europe many years ago. I don’t think it was every updated but I could be wrong. would likely be the place to go looking for a new version.

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