7990 Cement Mixer and 10170 TTX Double Stack Car

7990 Cement Mixer
I was in Schaumburg (Chicago) today for work and had a some time before my
flight home?so I stopped off at Woodfield Mall LEGO Store (conveniently located about?a mile from our Chicago office) to see if they had anything new or interesting.? The Pick-A-Brick choices were pretty weak, certainly nothing I couldn’t live without. The store did have a few sets in a pile at 20% off, including the 10170 TTX set.? I have been meaning to pick another one of these up but had never gotten around to it.? S@H has it for the same price but I went ahead and picked it
up along with the new 7990 Cement Mixer .? The Cement Mixer?is one of the few 2007 sets I was intrigued with as it reminded me of Pierre Normandine’s cement mixers I had seen at BrickFest in 2004.? I was at Toys-R-Us a couple weeks ago and they didn’t have it so when I saw it at the LEGO Store I decided to buy.? I’ll build it at work one of these days!

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