Received two more LHTs

A few weeks ago while this blog was offline I received two more copies of the LEGO Hobby Train.? As part of the agreement for working on the LHT we received three (3) copies of it – I had received the first one several months ago but it didn’t have instructions with it.? This shipment, one European box, one NA box, had three sets of instructions, one extra for the original set.? I will probably keep these two sets sealed, at least for a while.? We are supposed to receive one more item from LEGO, a box of bricks of our choosing from LEGO Factory.? I requested mostly dark red, dark blue, and dark green elements, we’ll see how I make out in a couple months or so.

?With the receipt of the LHTs and the box of bricks, the UTB/LHT effort is over.? LEGO is changing the infrastructure we used for all communication so all of that history will likely disappear.? That is unfortunate as the whole process was pretty amazing, it is a shame it will go into the bit bucket.? :-(? I’d really like to know how the LHT is selling.? We know that initially it sold well but haven’t heard anything else in a while.? What does the future of 9v trains look like?? I have no idea.

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