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New Trains for 2010 but limitations persist

New Trains! When I first saw some links to the 2010 trains I was excited.  These would be the first trains to be based on the Power Functions and in my opinion, the first train sets to come from LEGO … Continue reading

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Cool background on the Emerald Night

I am not sure how I missed then when it was posted, but I just saw the link today on Eurobricks  (which admittedly I don’t visit very often). There is some pretty cool footage in the video and some insight … Continue reading

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2010 LEGO Train Sets

I saw a link to this image on the WamaLUG mailing list. You can read a bit more about 2010 LEGO Trains in this article on BrickSet.  A couple of initial thoughts: It is nice to see LEGO Trains coming … Continue reading

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NCLTC at LEGOPalooza

I have been working on the layout plan for the NCLTC layout at LEGOPalooza lately.  This is an interesting layout because we are going to use standard banquet tables instead of our own tables.  It is nice because hauling the … Continue reading

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Looking inside my UTB K8

Here is the box as I opened it although the baseplates were not stacked so nicely. I pulled the baseplates out first and set them aside.? I had specifically asked for baseplates because the last time we had the NCLTC … Continue reading

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