2009 Pirates at TRU

I decided to do a little early Christmas shopping with the 15% off TRU coupon so I went to TRU on Thursday.  Looks like they have most of the 2009 sets out.  I have wanted a collection of Imperial Soldiers to make a marching band since I saw Joe Meno?s on one of our Christmas layout?s years ago so I was checking out the new Pirates sets and noticed this:

 6239-1 8397-18396-1

When I first saw the small set with one Imperial Soldier I thought ? perfect, I?ll pick some of these up and assemble my marching band but at a $5.00 price point, that will be expensive.  Then I realized the Canon Battle set had the same Minifg plus a Pirate and some parts for only $1 more.  So I bought it instead to check it out.

If those small sets were $3 they would be impulse buys and I would buy a bunch of them.  At $5 they are too expensive for an impulse buy.  These two small sets look like victims of a TRU markup.

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