First Results from LPub4 – CTB-6500

For the past day or so I have been playing with LPub4 here and there.  I am happy to post the first results of my efforts.  I can only say “wow” – Kevin Clague is the man!  I never thought I would see the day where we would have WYSIWYG creation LEGO instructions but that is what you get with LPub4.

I have very few complaints – what Kevin has done is simply amazing.  If you have ever been interested in creating your own instructions but have shied away because of the complexity of the process, you should give LPub a look!

CTB-6500 is a Monster Truck I built years ago which I have used for NCLTC layouts.  It is one of my favorite trucks and at one time I had visions of offering it as a kit.  Somewhere in the bowels of my basement I have a stash of the large tires which came from the Model Team 5561 Big Foot 4×4.

This entire set of instructions was created with LPub4 except the cover which was done with L3PAO, L3P, and POV-Ray.


A PDF version of the instructions will be available soon.

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