Show Preparation

The last couple of shows I have participated in have been been pressed for time getting ready and I end up bringing boxes and boxes of stuff to the show, much of which never gets displayed.  I find that a lot of the vehicles end up missing parts here and there from being transported and over time, I have a lot of “rot” in my accessories.

For LEGOPalooza 2009 I am trying to cull through exactly what I am going to haul over to Chapel Hill and what will stay home.  Last night my son and I went through all of the baseplates we’ll need and the core set of downtown buildings I want to take.  I have more building modules than I need so there is no need to take them all over to the show.  It also allowed me to go through and repair a couple of them where pieces had fallen off from being moved around my basement or from transport from the last show.

This morning I got up and started on another box.  I have some outlying building I like to use (Saw Mill, Train Station, Cargo Depot, etc.) and each of the buildings has seen some pretty serious decay over the past year from simply being in the way down in the basement.  I got them all reassembled, the train station with it’s clock tower has always been a problem, so I took the opportunity to “improve” how the clock tower attaches to the roof – hopefully those two 2×4 slopes won’t keep collapsing inside the building.  It is a real pain to get them out and get the roof back together!

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