The Dark Blue house

This weekend, with Renee?s help, I completed another module for the neighborhood.  It is a dark blue house built using mostly bricks I received from working on the UTB project.  I really wanted to add some medium blue striping to it but I don?t have any and Maersk blue doesn?t look right, it has too much green in it.  So I left it without any striping.  I like the grey roof, it goes well with the dark blue.


This is another corner module, you can see another new middle module in the background as well as part of the corner park as well.

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3 Responses to The Dark Blue house

  1. Very Nice Project. Where are all the girl themed legos at? 🙂

  2. Mike Walsh says:

    Specific LEGO sets for girls are rare but there have been a few. There was a Paradisa sub-theme back in the early 90’s in the golden age of Town. From what I understand, Paradisa did not sell well even though the set designs are excellent. If you can find them today (e.g. on BrickLink) they tend to be very expensive.

    The current Farm sub-theme has some appeal to girls. One of my daughter’s really likes that line of and two of my girls really like the Pirates. I wish LEGO would provide both male and female heads in their sets so the minifigures could be either male or female depending on the whims of the child (or adult).

  3. LEGOgeneral says:

    LEGO has introduced an all girl theme of Friends modules. they are based in a rural town called Heartlake. there are about 12 sets for girls 2 choose from. target, toys R us & wal-mart sell them all year long!

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