Setup fairly uneventful

Other than running a little late, my setup for LEGOPalooza was fairly uneventful.  Big thanks to Will Stroh and Dan Larson for their assistance setting up the train layout.  They laid out almost all of the track and baseplates for me which is a huge help.

I had spent a couple days really limiting what I was going to bring and packing it into containers that travel well.   I had to fix my church since one of my children decided to paint one of the windows at some point.  Ahhg.  White paint across a bunch of clear tiles doesn?t look very good.  I had to take half the roof off to get the window out.  PITA.

The only last minute thing I had to do was to fix the motor for the Ferris Wheel which had imploded on itself at one show and I couldn?t get it back together.  Getting it to work again took a little longer than I expected and as a result I was about 45 minutes getting late to Chapel Hill.

Most of the layout was in place before I had to head back home and pick up of my kids who wanted to help so I wasn?t too worried.  When we got back, we put out the people, cars, signs, etc.  All told, setup took about 4-5 hours.  I also added an unplanned monorail loop around part of my town which looks nice.  I?d like it to be a bit longer but I am out of bricks to make supports so I?ll have to get some more of those at some point.  I don?t have many straights so I am using Joe Cool?s which he bought from Cary Clark.

I have some pictures which I will post later.



More set up pictures are on Flickr.

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