Excellent LEGO Advertisement

I am scanning through my RSS feeds this morning and found this article at the top of the list.  It links to Gizmodo and the article is mostly about the author?s visit to the LEGO Vault in Billund.

What really caught my eye was the scan of the old LEGO advertisement.  This advertisement is from 1981 ? 28 years ago!


The picture in this is amazing – the smile and obvious pride on her face is what makes this ad so compelling, particularly to me as a parent.  I have seen the {hotel, house, tractor, semi-truck, race car, etc.} that my kids have built.   I have seen that face, I have seen that pride, I have seen that excitement.

In so many ways simple is so much better and this is one of them.  An ad doesn?t have to scream at you, it doesn?t have to be in your face or so full of eye candy that you can?t tell what the message is.  This ad strikes the exact chord I think LEGO should focus on and what really separates it from other toys.

A 28 year old ad is as powerful today as when it first appeared.  The LEGO in the pictured in the ad is every bit as powerful and useful today as it was 28 years ago.  Not a lot of toys or other products for that matter, can say that.

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  1. Lyrilen Moonshadow says:

    I agree completely.

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