LEGO Experience Tour at NC Fair

Yesterday afternoon my youngest daughter Isabelle and I went to the NC Fair for a few hours and while we were there we checked out the LEGO Experience Tour. The LEGO Experience Tour will be at the Fair through today (Sunday) so if you want to check it out, you?ll have to do so today.

While you are there, check out the LEGO entries in the Hobbies and Handicrafts building. Joe Meno and I judged again this year and I have to say, this was the hardest year to judge. I also noticed that some of the results may not be quite accurate because a couple of the items I expected to have ribbons on them didn’t. Not sure why.

Back to the LET, it is set up near gate 9 which is near the north east corner of the fairgrounds. Here is a link to the map of the fairgrounds.

I have a few pictures I took which I will try and post later but in general, they have four activities set up and you get an ID badge in the shape of a minifig head. On the back are places for four stickers. You earn one at each station. We started with the timed build and had two minutes to build a tractor but part way through the time, the leader changed the build to an animal. Isabelle built a pretty good turtle. I tried to build a bear but ended up with little to show for it! The best animal in our group was a cow.

We next went to the City build where you can build a small building to go into a central city layout. Isabelle (who really likes turtles) built another turtle and I built a small building which came out pretty good considering the limited element selection. There are plenty of parts but they are mostly just basic bricks with the odd special element thrown in here and there. One of my favorite pieces to build buildings out of is the basic 1×4 and I couldn?t find one anywhere!

From there we went the third activity which is little more than an advertisement for LEGO video games and their magazine. There is a station with Sony PSPs on it where you can play some of the games.

The fourth activity is to find some odd element in the model in the center of the area. It is a 10×10 layout which is pretty neat and they have hidden various things (e.g. I had to find C3PO’s head). The person running the activity will give you something to find and once you do, you earn your fourth sticker.

There is no prize for getting all of the stickers. We spent about 45 minutes at the LET and had fun. It was cold yesterday at the fair but fairly crowded being Saturday. Looks like the weather will be better this coming week but the LET will be gone by then. It was funny to see people walking around the fairgrounds with their Minifig tags on!

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