Unloading Some Old Sets

From about 1998 Ė 2002 I accumulated a lot of LEGO sets.  I was very active in the hobby at that time and was regularly scouring Wal-Mart and Target for clearance deals.  I parted out a lot of sets, keeping what I wanted and selling the rest on BrickLink.  Over time a lot of sets piled up that I just never got to parting out.  My old house had an awesome garage where the ceiling was 16 feet high.  I had installed shelving around the perimeter of the garage and would put all of the surplus LEGO up on the shelves.

When we moved and all of the LEGO came out of the various hiding places, it was overwhelming how much stuff I had accumulated.  Some of it I had completely forgotten about.  Our new house was smaller and had a lot less storage and combined with my lack of desire to part out a huge amount of LEGO, I decided to sell off a bunch of it.  A local BrickLink seller bought the majority of the unopened sets I had but I kept quite a few that I wanted for one reason or another.

Four years later, many of those sets still havenít come out of the box and I find myself with even less time and ambition to break down these sets and do something with them.  Iíve also realized that I have far more than I will ever use in any sort of a layout I might do as I have built plenty of MOCs and donít need official LEGO sets like I once thought I did.

So I have started another pass through the basement to identify the items that I know Iíll never use.  There are some interesting sets.  What I have is a mix of new (unopened) and used sets.   The used sets are mostly from the classic Town era of the early 1990ís.  So far I have listed on BrickLink several 10001 Metroliner sets (which sold almost immediately), some Pirate ships, an unopened copy of 6416 Poolside Paradise, an unopened copy of 6338 Hurricane Harbor, and a few other odds and ends.  I have a lot more to go as well!  You can find all of these on my BrickLink store.

My main motivation for finally doing this is two fold:  Weíre about to do a renovation on our house and the basement where I have most of it will likely become a playroom so some of this stuff has to go somewhere and more importantly, I want a new lens for my camera and it is really expensive!

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