New Maersk Train?

There is some information leaking out (see this thread on EuroBricks) about a possible new LEGO Train. It is supposedly set 10219.  This is the first set in a while that I have been excited about.  There is something about the Maersk sets that I really like – maybe it is the rare blue color.  All of the Maersk sets seem to be good designs and this would be one of the best if not the best.


No word on a release date yet, hopefully soon and hopefully it will be available in the US.

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2 Responses to New Maersk Train?

  1. Linda says:

    I am a bit confused. Are Legos and Euroblocks made by the same company?
    Thanks for the information. I look forward to the new train set!

  2. Mike Walsh says:

    Eurobricks is a LEGO Forum – there is no official connection with LEGO. It is a great web site to see pictures of upcoming LEGO sets though!

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