Disassembling and Sorting

Over the 4th of July holiday I have been doing a lot of dis-assembly and sorting.  I forget how tedious doing this can be. It always takes far longer to take things apart and put them away than it does to build them!  In the process I have found a few things that I am on the fence about taking apart but also found many things that there really is no reason to keep together any longer.  I’ve also tried to reconstruct a lot of sets.  I’ve probably reassembled 50 sets over the past three days.

Why am I doing this?  I am gearing up for a big purge.  I’ve talked about doing this for a few years and I finally am getting serious about it.  It is time for 90% of this stuff to go – I don’t build much any more and we need the space my LEGO collection is taking up.  How am I going to part with it?  I will likely hold a LEGO “yard sale” of sorts first and let the local NCLUG and NCLTC people have first crack at it.  After that, whatever is left, which I hope isn’t much, will go on BrickLink I guess.  Likely as bulk lots.

Stay tuned!

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