Trying to make order out of chaos

I am trying to make order out of chaos.

For many years I ran a very active BrickLink store.  I would buy sets on sale and part them out, keeping a few parts but selling most of it.  It was the proceeds from my BrickLink shop that allowed me to build my collection.  I would also buy off BrickLink for my own projects and whenever I was placing an order, I would usually but other parts that I thought might be useful one day.

A lot of the sets I parted out never made it to BrickLink and a lot of the parts I bought never made it into my working collection.  Where did they go?  Into a bunch of big tubs I have had in my closet for about 10 years now.

This afternoon I started going through in preparation for the big parts sale (maybe next weekend).  There are some real finds in these bins.  Need the numbered tile from the 10020 Limited Edition Santa Fe locomotive?  I’ve got a couple!  Need a pile of Dinosaurs?  I’ve got you covered!  These tubs also contain all of the elements I bought from the Model Shop.

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