I held the LHT today!

I am in Munich for a two day meeting this week. I had a couple hours today before my meeting started this afternoon and stopped by the LEGO Store in Munich which isn’t far from my hotel. Holger Mathes had been down to the store about a week ago and was intereviewed for a Swiss TV show about his involvement in the LHT project. Holger put me in touch with Nadine who runs the Munich store. I dropped Nadine an e-mail letting her know I would be in Munich and asked if I could come by and see the LHT since I hadn’t seen one yet. She said yes and fortunately my schedule allowed me enough free time to stop by.

I took a picture of Nadine holding the LHT when she brought it out of the back room. She didn’t really want her picture taken.

Nadine with LHT

Nadine took several pictures of me but wasn’t happy with any of them (there was a lot of glare) and handed my camera over to one of her co-workers who took this picture:

Me with LHT

So there it is – a real LEGO set which I was involved in. I never thought it would happen but it has and I am proud to say I was part of it. It really was very cool to finally see the set in person and see my name on the box. I also got an e-mail later today indicating I should receive a copy of it sometime next week. I am looking forward to that. I think the set came out really well. The box feels substancial – like most of it is full of parts.

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  1. brickever says:

    Nice work, looks like an awesome set.

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