Looking inside my UTB K8

UTB K8Here is the box as I opened it although the baseplates were not stacked so nicely.

50 BaseplatesI pulled the baseplates out first and set them aside.? I had specifically asked for baseplates because the last time we had the NCLTC layout set up, we were really short of baseplates to cover the open areas of the layout.? It looks so much nicer when everything is covered!

Half a K8 of unsorted parts!Now you can see what is left to sort.? I have no idea why they couldn’t put each element into a separate bag but they didn’t.? I guess this is a good problem to have but it is still a daunting sorting effort.

Starting the sorting processThis is as much as I got done yesterday.? While I was on a conference call I sat there and picked all of the bright green large plant leaves out of box.? I had requested both large and small plant leaves and they were sent in two different colors!? The smaller leaves are the traditional darker green, the larger ones are the bright green.

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