Received my UTB K8!

This morning as I was sitting at my desk the DHL delivery truck arrived and had a present for me.? I received a K8 of assorted bricks from LEGO for working on the UTB (Hobby Train) project.? For those unfamiliar with the term “K8″, LEGO has several standard box sizes which them ship elements in.? I have personally seen K8, K6, and K4, I assume there are other sizes as well.? A K4 is a little bigger than a shoe box and if you?visit a LEGO store, you may see the Pick-A-Brick stock in K4 boxes.? A K8 is 16″x24″x12” – a pretty big box!? A K6 is in between the two.? A K8 of LEGO elements weighs quite a bit as you can imagine.? The box I received was about 2/3 full, maybe a bit less.

Very late in the project we learned we would receive some “compensation” for our efforts and it would include a selection of bulk elements.? We assumed it would be from the online Pick-A-Brick but it turns out we could request pretty much anything but there was no guarantee it would be available.? So we each filled out a spreadsheet with our wish list and sent it in.? How much we would receive and when we would receive it was rather vague – it really wasn’t clear how this process would work.

I decided to focus on some of the darker colors (dark green, dark red, and dark blue)?which I don’t have much of.? Unfortunately dark green wasn’t available but I was able to get a fair amount of dark red and dark blue from my wish list – at least that is what I am expecting based on the feedback I got from my wishlist.? I also asked for a bunch of the new 1×3 curved element which we tried hard to include in the Hobby Train and some other items like plant leaves, grey tiles, and baseplates.

Now that the box has arrived, I get to see what I really got from my wish list.? At first glance, it looks pretty good – it is certainly a lot of LEGO!? Unfortunately it isn’t sorted.? Why they simply dumped all of the elements in one big bag is beyond me but there is some wonderful stuff in the box so I imagine it is worth it.

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