My turn in the WITC window

It is my turn again to set up a display in the Community Window at the Crabtree Valley Mall LEGO Store.  I had the honor of doing the first community window when the store first opened and now I am lucky to have the holiday season too.  The community window is a funny size – it is about 64 studs wide and 48 studs deep but really tall – about 30" inches as I recall.  The best displays make use of the vertical space which is harder than one would think.

Since it is the holiday season I thought I would do something with my church but my church is too long, it won’t fit in the space very well.  I have considered rebuilding it and that is probably what I will do but I am stuck on how to rebuild it.  I need to get unstuck as I am supposed to swap out the display later this week!

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