WITC display goes up today

Later this afternoon I will set up the WITC display at the Raleigh LEGO Store.  I ended up not going down the route of modifying my church to fit the display.  When I sat down and looked at it, there just isnít a good place to break the church in half.  I have stained glass windows crossing the baseplate boundary on both levels.  The upper level wouldnít be too hard to fix but the lower level would be tough.

So I went a different route.  I will have a Christmas themed town display featuring a Christmas parade on display.  I added some height to the display by building three train lines underneath the city Ė it is sort of a subway feel to it but there isnít any access between to the two levels.  It should look pretty good though.  It will be interesting to see how dark the lower section is Ė if it is too dark I may have to dig out some of the LEGO Train LED headlights I got on clearance a few years ago.  I think I paid $1 each for them or some silly amount so I have about 50 of them.

Iíll post some pictures once the display is up.  My two youngest daughters helped me with the parade, each of them built a float and some other parade stuff.  Theyíre very excited about going with me to set it up this afternoon.

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